About the guy

Hey, welcome to my blog!

This blog is written to inspire people following their dreams. Making their dreams come true. Working on their happiness and the happiness of the people around them. Further, I’m scripting this to hopefully provide value in the context of sharing my experiences and learnings with you.

I’m Alex, seller and partner manager in tech with a background in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. After five successful years in business, in 2016, I decided to quit my rental contract and my job in Germany to gain new experiences outside of Europe. Crazy, innovative and wild.

My character has changed during travels a lot. There is a new kind of wild energy inside which is so great to experience and to share. My friends even think #axelgoeswild.

Surprisingly, I returned back home. Here, friends were asking me, why I would not write a book — and so I did and published “Asking One Question” in 2018. I have been travelling regulary since. In 2022, I picked up the keyboard again to continue writing to inspire you here on my blog. 

Explore more in my first post. It’s great to have you on board!

Alex aka #axelgoeswild

December, 2016; Updated in September 2022


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