It’s the 5th of June 2017. Early bird. I didn’t sleep so well since I felt stomach sick all over the short 3.5 h night. I checked-out the hostel, took my stuff and jumped on a Uber. …Wow, how busy is this city early morning at 4.30 a.m.? All these scooters packed with merchandise. At the airport, a very different picture. Complete quietness at the gates at 6.00 a.m. 

This purse kept my valuables safe while six month travelling the world. It looks pretty stupid and bad style but is worth the safety.

Two nights in this western style city of Singapore were ahead. Well, if you visit Singapore for the first time, there is pretty much only one hotel to book yourself in. 🙂

Marina Bay Sands!
Melli, who arrived a day before in Singapore, and I hang around at the pool and at Spago Lounge to do some reading and blogging.



We met some friends of Melli who showed us the city. We had some dinner and tried durian [German: Stinkfrucht]. This fruit is forbidden to carry on public transport. It stinks like hell. The taste is amazing, however. And …it is very, very expensive in Singapore. Around 30 € for about 85 g of meat. Thanks guys for the great local night out!


The next day, we started to explore the city. Therefore, we took the underground to China Town and later to Little India. Welcome to a different world.

Back at the hotel I went to Spago Lounge again to do some more reading. “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. An easy reading with very well compressed and extremely valuable content. Ruiz relieves wisdom from indigenous people in America that is thousands of years old and was hidden from the white people until recently. The book was recommended by one of my friends and so do I  …you might wanna have a read on it!

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (Toltec Wisdom), English Language, [Amazon Link]

Die vier Versprechen: Ein Weg zur Freiheit und Würde; Deutsche Sprache, [Amazon Link]


In the evening, I had the pleasure to meet a friend. Babsi and I  got to know each other at University in Augsburg, Germany, while both of us were working in the team of the student consultancy academica e.V.. Nice reunion with an excellent conversation. We had some local dinner and drinks from this place with an outstanding view, followed by a nice walk around the Marina Bay. Thanks for the time shared and the very nice evening, Babsi! 🙂

Melli had to leave for home in Germany. I was changing country again: Heading to Sri Lanka – the place where people are so very friendly.


A great read – order now:



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