Changing countries. From expensive to cheap. From not so safe to really not safe. …Nicaragua is a poor country with very friendly people. A countryside similar to the one in Panama. We – my friend Elo joined me – visited two main places. San Juan del Sur and Granada.


Due to some time constraints, complicated border crossing processes and also safety reasons, we choose a private transport option to get from La Fortuna to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.



One can clearly see how good the driving skills here are. 😉 An accident, the tyres of the trailer hit the silver car…


These border crossings by car are ridiculous. If you are a trucker you have to wait in line for two days (!) to cross the border. Lucky us, we did it in two hours. Anyway, a waste of time originating from a lack of process optimization. I should not continue here, better not bother… 🙂 God bless the EU!

We enjoyed an easy time at this surfers’ place San Juan del Sur. Some Lobster at the sea side at Iguana Bar. Later some coffee at Barrio Café.

Some more impressions from San Juan del Sur:

Lobster 🙂

A tranquilo next morning in San Juan del Sur followed after I had kicked of the day with a short run. We took the private bus to Granada at 3 pm. Hanging out at Granada… a “lovely”city, an Englishman would say. 🙂


We chilled in Granada and I wrote some words on the blog. Enjoying the atmosphere. Nice café in the city center:


A local food place – excellent:

Guess what? An irish pub. 🙂

Qué romántico! 😉

Visiting Volcan Masaya – they got a hole and real lava where you look down into the earth’s soul. Wohooo!

At some point I was asked: “What day is today?” I answered: “Puhh! No idea.” 🙂 Two days in a row we had lunch at El Garaje – a very recommendable place! Excellent food for outstanding value.

While walking…


We booked a nice hotel in Managua and had dinner at Café Trece. I was about to fly out from Managua Intenational Airport the next day. Elo went back to Panama City.

The upcoming trip should be long – 24 h, two stops via San Jose and Lima. Central America is finished. South America, I’m up to explore you. 🙂

Join me to Santiago de Chile… 

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