West Coast and Whale Shark Snorkelling

12th of May 2017,


In the morning I left Billabong hostel to pick up the “no birds” rental car. Against all recommendations for sightseeing, I headed northbound since the weather is warmer and promises more sunshine. First stop: Yanchep, to see Violet again. We initially met in the language school in Cusco, Panama City.

I drove further on the Great Indian Ocean Road to the Pinacles National Park. These stones were formed from trees under the earth by pressure. They come on top of the surface every so many hundred years. The current visibility has stated approximately 600 years ago. In fact, these stones exist all over Australia. But here they were formed in high density.


I continued to Green Head…

…and had a quick look at the Dynamite Bay.

Further north, I camped at an AUD $ 15 camp site at the beach. I should have paid, but no ranger, host or money box was around. Unfortunately, I previously gave away my warm sleeping bag, that I bought in the US for New Zealand, to someone in the hostel in Sydney. The cheap airline would not let me take the weight without a surcharge. That night, it went down to eight degrees Celcius. My summer sleeping bag with a defined extreme zone down to 13 degrees did not really make it. I woke up at 3 a.m. and could not sleep any longer as of freezing. So I decided to leave the camp site at 4 a.m. …The positive side effect: Rangers don’t come that early to charge one. 😉 Usually I pay for what I use. Read my statement about paying or avaoding it on the Sydney blog post.


I went on Highway 1 in the direction of Geraldon and to Denham at Shark Bay. That area, I was driving through, is the loneliest area I have ever been to. Even more empty than the corn fields in the United States. There is literally nothing but bushes, grass, kangaroos, foxes, emus and asphalt straightway through the green (or more like the brown). 130 km from the gas station to Denham. Denham is a nice little town with 900 citizens. The next town is more than 150 km away. I wonder how people can live there? Well, they have good seafood, fresh from the Indian Ocean. I got some healthy seafood at a restaurant. Budget killer, I can tell. I stayed overnight at a camp site, directly at the white sandy beach.


After a short guitar session and some breakfast, finished with a shower, I drove down the road another 20 km to Monkey Mia. Nope guys, no monkeys there. However, dolphins! Wild dolphins! 🙂 At least they are not caged. They probably come back every morning since they get some dead fish to eat. Wow, they came so close.

Afterwards, I got a coffee at a beach bar and read the book “Mans search for meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl.

“Back on the road again. Two hundred miles to go.” …Starts the chorus of an old county song by Tony Roy. I put myself into a convenient position in the car seat and worked for a low fuel consumption with about 70-80 km/h on empty roads. Every 40 km a car overtook me. Nice music on the speakers. Freedom.

Leaving Canarvon northbound I met THE BOSS 🙂 …

…and I got faced with long distances again – Loving it:

…guys, inbetween there is nothing!

Camping in the outback. No internet. Interesting feeling. The stars and the Milky Way are so clear. Recovered from the cough. “Nautilus” from Willi Astor on the guitar.

The next day, I went to Coral Bay. People said it’s nice. To me, it’s more like a dark hole next to a medium sized beautiful beach filled up with campers. Where is the love in here? No café, just a camping site. Ok, the beach is really nice. White sand. I walked around early morning when only very few people were there. Later the beach became very crowded. I didn’t like the spot. So I headed further north to Exmouth.


Having a break somewhere on the road:

Thousands of termite homes on the way to Exmouth:

Exmouth. That place is nice. At least that’s a town. With supermarket and restaurants. Love it. I checked in at YHA Hostel. Laundry was due. And getting to know some people for a three night stay.

The next day should become stunning. Whale Shark Snorkelling. Wow, what an experience! No need for words, roll the pics…



Some exploring of the surroundings followed in the Cape-Range National Park.

Ups, for about four days, I actually have no diaries. I guess I just came down here, at the north west end of Australia. I’ll not make something up now while writing this six weeks later. One forgets so much! I just remember clearly that I made my way back to Perth in two days staying overnight south of Geralton directly at the beach. In Geralton, I bought some natural anti-cough medicine since the cough came back after the day snorkeling.

Yes, they really exist – oversized road trucks:


Back in Perth, I checked-in a different hostel. Reflecting on 3.240 km in the “no birds” Toyota Corolla Hatch rental car. That day, I got back my hiking shoes! Special thanks to Rachel for being of outmost support, sending them over from Sydney! Adam, thanks a lot for storing them at your place meanwhile!


That day, I flew to Singapore. Before, I met Adam again at his home. He’s not only a very kind person but also he’s got a broad general knowledge. I love to talk to people like that. Lots to learn. We played the guitar as we used to do in Sweden. No singing for me though as of the caugh.

Adam was so kind to drive me to the airport. Thanks, buddy!


Fuck it, this is a bad cough. Dry neck. Too much singing in Exmouth. The cold extended into the brain and the back. I read about the indications of linh infection. On the plane, the air is so ridiculously dry. I can’t concentrate and I’m smashed down. Hope the humidity in Singapore will do me well.

The food at the plain was tasty though …

Heading to South East Asia…Vietnam is calling!



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