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Life starts to feel like jet-setter. Living on an airplane. Spending the last Chilenian Pesos at the Airport for a good burger. Flight number nine and ten on my world round trip shall bring me from Atacama Desert to Buenos Aires, again via Santiago. After I had arrived in Buenos Aires, I met Tony on the bus. We exchanged contacts and went out for some beers and empanadas the same evening. Tony worked for Nike and lives very close by my hostel, which is very central and recommendable: “Estoril”. Tony is originally from Venezuela. He left home, since it’s not safe any longer to life there nor providing a sufficient economic base.

Always smile at the lady at the counter – and wear your boina 😉 – to get upgraded for free:

Hostel rooftop view:

The next day I walked through the city with Elisabeth and Jan, who already arrived one day before. Bocas, what a nice area. People say Tango was invented here. Exploring and enjoying. Further to the area of San Telmo. Cafe Con Leche and three Medialunas at Cafe Dorrego. Also, we had an awesome “Lomo Pan” at Desnivel. A must do if you get to San Telmo. Recommendation of a local. 😉 In the evening we met some more wild German people, Ines and Maxl. Jan and I had some 6 litres of beer on the street (Elizabeth – let’s call her Liz from now on, took a sip every now and then) …which was a good start. We continued partying in the hostel. Haha.

Probably one of the widest streets in the world – Av. 9 de Julio:

Perfectly in shape for a decent next ride 😉

La Boca:

Football is religion in Boca! 😉

San Telmo:


Some more sightseeing impressions:

If you ever want to get a steak and excellent service in Buenos Ares you may consider a meal at Don Julio in Palermo. Liz, Jan and I enjoyed it a lot – just delicious.

This four days in Buenos Aires included a lot of walking. On the last day I did the Cultural Free Tour with the guide Vic. It was very hot and humid all day long. The Apple Weather App suggested an appearing temperature of 39 degrees Celsius. Anyway, I had a great tour, like a private tour. Since no one else joined. 🙂 Vic did an amazing job! I learned about the history and the past economics of the city. Did you know? They started to export Argentine beef to Europe back in the 1880ies. When the ships came back to Argentina, they used the empty space to transport complete villas. Yes, like very big aristocratic houses. French designed buildings with massive stones. Further, they brought street lamps and everything to build the city.

At the end of the tour, my question was raised again. Vic, what does happiness mean to you and how do you achieve it? She answered: “Be happy with the things that you have got already in life and lots of travelling.”

One of the last great villas inhabited by a family owner. In this case an old lady:

On the last evening, Tony and I had a steak at Grand Parilla del Plata in San Telmo. Very tasty and local:

I had to leave early since my flight was scheduled early. “Ciao Boludo.” “Ciao Tony.” …Buludo means amigo in Argentina.

Special thanks to my friend Simon for all the great recommendations! You are awesome!

At the Buenos Aires airport I followed the hint of Vic to try one of these Havanha chocolate cookies. Wow, they taste great… I bought a second one. 🙂

Having no expectations about my next destination, Bolivia, I went on one of these BoA airplanes. People joking about, whether they make it to their destination. What will come up in this poor country? At least it seems like not so many people are flying into Bolivia from Buenos Aires… empty plane. Strange feeling of general uncertainty and mad security.

Red next: Getting an Idea of Bolivia – Santa Cruz… a special experience.

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