Final and Beautiful: Lima

People who know Lima will say now: Hää, you find Lima beautiful? Well, slowly… Lima is a big city and so far I only know the areas of Miraflores and Barranco as well as the way up to Monumento al Saldado Desconocido. These are the beautiful areas as I understood, however going through the area to get up to the Monumento makes you feel little unsafe already…

Anyway, starting with a general reflection: The last day in South America. I’m happy to leave this continent. It was a great experience. It is different here. The food in Peru was amazing. One of the best food I ever had. After three month of traveling in Spanish speaking countries, I’m so much looking forward to getting to places where I can talk with locals more deeply. I see life in South America as just different, not worse, not better than what we know from Europe. I love their healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, they are amazing! What is most different from my point of view is the quite low level of organisation and structure. For example, to overcome a lack in traffic organisation, they use the horn in their cars all the time: When they approach a crossing it is like: “Duuuut, duuuut”…”Watch out, I’m coming”. Or another scenery: The cars in the back line at a traffic light use the horn when the traffic light turns green. Like, “Duuuut, duuuut, wake up you guys in the front and keep on going.” Another: Taxi drivers use the horn every time when they see pedestrians. Imagine! Like “Duuuut, duuuut. Hey man, go on a ride with me!” When a gringo carries a backpack, they will certainly use the horn a minimum of three times to ensure you really recognised them. And if you don’t react on the first cab, more of them will pass and doing the same… I started to hate these horns. Preferably, when I need a cab, I indicate with my hand. One more example: When you exit a train station there will be tons of taxi drivers waiting for you offering their service. “Taxi!” “Taxi!” “Collectivo!” “Taxi!” They behave like a bunch of baby birds in their nest when the parents bring food. The one screaming the loudest will survive. It’s working for them, but not for me. 🙂

Ok, enough reflection. 😉 Back to Lima. I got myself a bike to explore the city in one day. Challenging. So I focused on the most beautiful areas, Miraflores and Barranco. Wow, that is very nice! Like in a developed country. An ocean front similar to Santa Monica, California. Many nice restaurants I would have loved to spent time in.

Headig up to the monument of Christo:

Back down at the shore…

At Parque Del Amour I met Britt and Remy again. It’s great how often our ways crossed! In the evening we went for some nice last cevice at a local restaurant called Delfine Mar. Very recommendable. Then, we went to the hostel of my Dutch friends to have a last beer. Britt and Remy, I will miss you guys joking around! 🙂

Since I don’t like the cab’s behaviour using horns (and their prices), I ordered an Uber to bring me, my two backpacks and my guitar to the international airport. Getting ready for USA, starting with some McDonnald’s burger at the airport in Lima.

Farewell South America and your people, my friends, you have been an outstanding teacher for my character and personality. An experience I would never want to miss! And, thank you for not stealing or taking anything more but my 50x sun blocker and my anti-mosquito spray. I will keep you and your people in good memory.

Jumping on the next continent: California, baby!

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