Flying Over Nazca Lines

Some short text about a short, but nice trip. Peru Hop drove via Nazca. So I hopped off. The next morning, the airline “Nazca Lines” brought three people and myself up in the air for some stunning views. The lines you see below were created by the Nazca who lived here 100 BC to 700 AD. Impressive what they created.

On the way north to Nazca with Peru Hop:

Having some lunch on the way at a nice viewpoint:

Travelling, somtimes you should get a single room to have a good sleep and do some hand wash laundry. Espeically if the rate for this room is as low as 11 €.

We all love VW Bulli. 🙂 Here they are not selling ice-cream, but cevice.

Always remember: Safety first. Haha. 😉 …on the way to the Nasca Lines airport:

Off we go – happy about the airplain that understands the value of being wild. 😉

The route:





Join next for the ultimative action in Huacachina

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