Action in Huacachina

After the Nazca flight, I took the public bus to Ica and went further to Huacachina by cab. Huacachina is an oasis in-between sand dunes. I went for an unforgettable sand-buggy ride, which was just awesome and of outstanding fun. Our driver was not an intense talker, but a crazy driver and he only knew one Spanish word: “rapido”. 🙂

On the bus, greetings to home 🙂


Huacachina – what an oasis!



Just sick, these buggys:


Am I in a video game?




First time sandboarding in my life. First time lying, the next time standing on the board. What else to expect, I made it on the first approach. Strong. 😉


Met some cool people around the Hostel I stayed. Played the guitar with the guy from the reception.


Later, there was this interesting person from Lima, Jimmy, with his funny and cool friend Victor. Nice conversation about life, happiness and entrepreneurship.


Amazig food at the hostel, Bamboo:

Backpacker life 🙂

Blogger life 🙂


Playing the guitar at night on the street:

Pisco is the national drink in Peru. So I had to go to a place to understand how they make it. 🙂

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