Lost and Found in the jungle

Following the recommendation of a good friend, I headed further to the Lost and Found hostel. 80 km south of Bocas del Toro, still in Panama, on the road by bus. Using Google translate to double check my questions in Spanish. If you speak no Spanish in Central America, get the offline translation pack in Google translate – easy peasy – tranquilo! 🙂

On the bus:

Approaching Lost and Found Hostel – 15 min uphill hike from the street:

The Lost and Found hostel. What a place! Enjoy the view.

Janosch von Panama ist hier freilich auch am Start. 🙂

Here, I met a guy – Rocky. So cute and fluffy. Wants to play and just be loved – no picture available – its a night active animal. [German: Wickelbär]

The next day, we went to Don Cune’s organic farm on the Don Cune Coffee Tour. During more than four hours, Cune and Paco not only showed us the comprehensive process about how coffee is maid but we also had natural lemonade freshly produced from sugar cane and lemon. No question, both ingredients were organic from the farm, no chemicals at all. Many stories were told and we learned a lot about organic farming. This tour is absolutely recommendable since it is a very local and informal experience. Thanks to Simon for the tip to do that tour and to visit this amazing hostel!

Cune – our organic farmer says Hóla:

Paco translated into English and added some nice stories – Selfie 🙂

Organic coffee making process:

From left to right: Americano, Francés, Italiano:

We had some organic lemonade made from sugar cane – mhhh:

Some more impressions from the farm:


Later, we hiked Indiana Jones Treasure Tour with Martin, Maisy, Anne and Isaak. Beautiful scenery during my first jungle hike. Dr. Alex Brux is back in the game. Haha 😉

Three very nice lady’s – Laura, Jenny and Franzi! – Have a safe trip, girls!

Small leaves they have  here 😉


Later, in the darkness, we did the jungle night tour with Paco in the area around the hostel. That was a nice finishing for this beautiful place … no pics though.

Leaving the hostel next morning…

Off to Costa Rica – Read next: Hiking in San Isidro de El General – Life is good.

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  1. Hi there, great photos! Coffee production interesting. My ex brother in law has a coffee plantation in Nicuragua, lucy and Emily have both visited Central America, fascinating place, take care xx

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