Bocas del Toro

It’s the 21st of January 2017. On the night bus, travelling overnight to Almirante. From there by taxi to the waterside. Catched a speed boat to Bocas to arrive at Hostel Heike at 7 a.m. First think to do, I dropped my backpack under the stairs in the hostel and started to explore the town. Nice Caribbean flair.

On the nightbus:


Early arrival in Almirante:


Excellent way of building – is it bootstrapping? ūüėČ

I got a recommendation to go to the Starfish Beach on the this island. Talking to the reception guy and waiting for the bus to use the horn, which indicates that the bus departures. The bus was 25 minutes overdue. Four girls from my hostel also asked the reception guy where the bus leaves. That’s how the conversation with the girls started and we went to the beach together.


As we got back to the hostel, I took a shower stored my backpack in my room. Then I went shopping for some groceries with two of the girls, Melli and Tanja. We cooked a delicious dinner together that we enjoyed on the hostel’s rooftop terrace. A guitar session shall end the day‚Ķ Well, it was more like the disgusting fumigation of the neighbour building, which stopped the fun and finished the day.

Woken up Next morning, I met Melli again and we had an early breakfast together – some eggs. Then, I went to a bar to do some reading with a delicious Caf√© Americano, some fruit juice and Balboa beer. ‚Ķnot too bad place for learning Spanish:

In the evening I met Juan Felipe, 36, from Bogota, Colombia. He used to be an image film producer. Burned out in this crazy business of 80 hours a week. Today, he is a commercial diver and welder repairing yachts. He’s very balanced one can feel. Relaxed and easy peasy I would say. He is working on an interior design business with his girlfriend. He’s the marketing guy,  doing all the marketing for the business. Also, he’s into photography. In addition, he got a wine export business with a friend who moved to Berlin. They sell organic wine in low charges to Europe. It was a very good conversation with him. So I asked the question about happiness, you guys know already. He said: “Just jumping into the water when I want. Go to this other island when I want. Spending time with my girlfriend. Exploring new things and work into new stuff. These challenges about learning new things create emotions. Work is important to earn money for living”, he says. “It is nice to have a credit card and to have money to live and travel.” For him, understanding new things causes happiness, learning new things. Juan said, “today, he doesn’t need to go to a spa.” Think about it….
Check out his amazing pictures on his website. 

Leaving Bocas early next morning…

…to head further to Lost and Found Hostel.

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