New Zealand (North)

Flying out of Fiji heading to Auckland, New Zealand. Flight number 18 as of this backpacker and jet-setter life. 😉

From the airport, I took a cab to the the Apollo motor-home rental station. After some instructions, I could start with my new camper giant for a five day trip, paying one New Zealand dollar (NZ$ 1!) per day. Yes, one dollar. Ok, I had to pay about 90 € for insurances and some more bucks for the fuel. The ferry ticket to move on the south island and cooking gas was included, though. Let’s hit the road. It was already black dark night when I approached some serpentine roads. Having the steering wheel on the right side of the cockpit and the car on the left side of the street. This vehicle is so fucking big. Well, and it’s not having gear whips, so not too much fun on this road. 😉 Looking in the left mirror, I touched the white street lines at the side. Looking in the mirror on the right side, I touched the middle lane. A big vehicle on the one hand. On the other hand, the cool thing was, that the motor-home was equipped with everything. I had a fridge, an oven, sink, shower, toilet, Bluetooth radio, speakers inside and outside, a microwave, and beds for six people. Unlimited camping experience. Haha.

What a convenience: 🙂

Control centre – love it 😉


The next day, I wanted to see Hobbiton. Germans know it as “Auenland”. I prepared the motor-home for the ride and enjoyed a nice trip through the North Island of New Zealand and its countryside. I arrived at Hobbiton and waited in line to get a ticket. The people buying tickets in front of me had to wait for more than 2 1/2 hours to get in with their families and friends. When I asked the lady for a ticket for one person, she said, “Yeah we have one space in 10 minutes.” “Cool let’s do it!” Haha. Hobbiton is a beautiful place! New Zealand’s countryside in that area is kind of mystical, and, walking through Hobbiton, you just feel the spirit of Aaueland and the stories behind Lord of the Rings. It is put in such an alive light and scenery.








Impressions from a campsite:

Impressions form the road:

Some driving on the roads southwards followed. I arrived at a free camp site, cooked in the camper and played my Bolivian guitar. Also, I repaired my cashmere pullover with some needle and DIY stewing. The sun is still very, very warm this late autumn. It’s burning down at my head. However, as soon as it’s gone, it’s getting cold quickly. First evening in New Zealand that included some nice chilling.

Decent seafood omelette. 🙂


The next day, I drove to Wellington and walked around in the city a little bit. Driving a motor-home in the city is sometimes a challenge. Finding a parking spot even more.


I assumed that not paying for car parking after reading this is doing it. Haha. Wild.

It writes: “Please be adviced that payment with cards and coins at this machine is currently unavailable. Please pay by Parkmate App”


The ferry trip lasts about three and a half hours. The ticket is at around 230 €. Money saved, as the motor-home renter Apollo will pay for it. A nice trip on sea with some beautiful shore landscapes. However, so far, having seen the northern island, I must say, this country is not amazing me – yet.


Read next about the South Island of New Zealand and some first intense reflections and learnings.

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