Quick Hello on Fiji

Funny, flying over the Pacific westwards: The 6th of April 2017 was a day that didn’t quite exist for me since crossing the date border and my flight leaving at 11.30 p.m. Luckly, it was not my birthday. I would not have getten Opfer, would I? 😉 Haha. 11 h flight time, flight number 17 on my list. 28 h of relaxing on an island is ahead.

Fiji is a nice place. Very humid this time of the year. Wow, people are so friendly. Smiling everywhere. They love to talk to you. They seem to be very happy. Not having a lot for living. What’s especially great: They speak perfect English. Fiji used to be under the British. Their economy is based on tourism and sugar cane. The citizens mainly split into 60% Fijians and 40% Indians. The Indians came in the old days to grow the sugar cane. Fijians are relaxed! Wow, the time runs so slow here. No hurries, no worries. Things are happening in slow motion.

Playing guitar with Jo, from the hostel team. “Hello, Jo!” …A cool and easy peasy guy. I asked my question about happiness, you guys know already. He returned quickly: “Ok, first, it’s an emotion…. Love myself! Be myself! Express myself with my daily style.” We jammed for a while…

After one night, I went back to the airport and hopped on my next flight to NZ.

Come and explore amazing New Zealand with me.

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