With Bolivia Hop to Cusco, Peru

March 16th, 2017:

Using the bus transport company Bolivia Hop, we went from La Paz to Lake Titicaca and Copacabana, Bolivia, to reach Cusco, Peru. I did this trip in 24 hours, which is over 650 km on South American road. The cool thing: Some sightseeing was included. Britt and Remy were on board as well. Yeah, fun was promised. 🙂 After we had arrived in Copacabana, which lies next to Lake Titicaca, we did some nice hiking on Isla del Sol. The guys from Bolivia Hop had a partner company waiting for us to visit the island by boat in a 90 minute ride. The time was perfectly used to edit some pictures and have some VOIP calls with friends at home. Saying that, I would like to recommend using WhatsApp call for international VOIP calls, since they have the best quality and moste stable connection.

Lake Titicaca is the biggest lake in South America. It is located 3.812 m above sea level. They call it the “highest navigable lake” on our planet, which is mainly defined by the commercial boating on the lake.

To get there, we had to cross on a ferry. Our bus on this thing, we on a normal boat:

Copacabana from above:

And from the inside:

Isla del Sol – and in fact… the sun was shining there:


Then, border crossing and driving further to Pulo, Peru. At this town, Bolivia Hop had offered to jointly go for a pizza dinner. This company is in fact very well organised. They actually gave us the menu on the bus to choose our pizza and they pre-ordered via phone collectively. Awesome, in a Bolivian way of thinking. 😉 Further, they offered pre-evaluated tours and hostels which is of great value since you not always enjoy doing all that research for tours and good places during travels. They even offer cheaper rates sometimes. One can ask the guide on every bus about the next city and book tours and hostels with them. They pick you up and drop you off at your hostel. A drop-off early morning at 5.00 a.m. after a minor refreshing sleep on the night bus is defenitly of great value.

On the bus, I continued reading the book “Damian” from the multiple awarded German author Hermann Hesse. A nice way to understand better how to be yourself. I’d like to cite Hermann Hesse [German only]:

“Es kämpfte sich ein Roesenvogel aus dem Ei, und das Ei war die Welt, und die Welt musste in Trümmer gehen.”

Interpretiert im Kommentar des Buches:
“Der Vogel kämpft sich aus dem Ei. Das Ei ist die Welt. Wer geboren werden will muß eine Welt zerstören.”

The guys who know me little better understand how much I enjoy reading novels. This was the second novel I finished since high school. (After this cool book about working at Google: The Show, [at Spiegel.de]). Reading is cool and broadens your mind. Reading should become part of our daily routine.


I booked the whole way to Lima by bus with Bolivia Hop to focus on traveling rather than planning. The following posts will describe my experiences at each stop. Red next about Cusco and Machu Piccu.


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  1. I remembered your blogspot name. It was Nice meeting u in arthurs pass in NZ..and i long to see your pictures from NZ.
    Have a safe trip /from Pia in sweden

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