La Paz – Big City Life

Well, fellows, I have not much to say this time. Especially after the previous post. Let’s focus on visual sightseeing.

Not to miss, some facts  before we get to the picture impressions:

  • La Paz lies on 3.200 to 4.100 m (if you include the indepedend city El Alto)
  • Highest seat of a government in the world
  • Not the capital (Sucre is the capital)
  • ~760.000 inhabitants (2012), El Alto got another ~850.000)

Watch out if you ever fly in. Altitude sickness is likely.


Let’s start – Locals and preceive their big city life:

















It is said, the higher altitude the people live, the poorer they are…

Mmmm, some clean fresh air for our lungs:





Wiches market – Other countries, other customs (no puppets!):

Some tourists in da city 😉

Some beers and a steak with Andy next to our Hostel “3600 Hostel”, which is a very recommendable sleeping place. Prost, “Munich connection”.

Friends call it #greenhornet style 🙂

Inside the lift: High qualty from Vorarlberg, Austria – Doppelmayr – we feel save… The backpack still marked. 

Awesome La Paz experiece with the best travel mates! 🙂

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