Short post. Exploring Adelaide for just one day. The city is much more beautiful than people say. I hang out in the Botanical Gardens. A crazy feeling, all these days without any measurable result. Unreal to me. I realized that I never had these days before,… well at least not since I was in 7th grade. Just having no plan and let come into your day whatever comes up. Interestingly, there is always something comming up, some kind of a new outcome. The outcome of a clear mind, a balance in yourself, some kind of satisfaction within.


Society catched up… Some to-does asked to be worked on in the evening. I did the money transfer for the shipping costs of my beloved Meindl boots. Yes, my boots are going to be shipped! I myself am wondering  how I managed that. And at the same time I want to express my deepest appreciation to Rachel! She helped me out without any reward. We do not even know each other very well. Rachel, her friend and I met at Castle Hill Conservation Area, New Zealand. You might have read about it earlier on this blog. When I was thinking about how to get my boots from Sydney to Perth, she appeared to be the only appropriate source of help. And she supported within the same day I asked her. See her amazing travel pictures with beautiful hidden and mostly unknown places here:

Rachel, thanks a lot for your unconditional support! I highly appreciate that!


Heading further to Perth. Become part of the journey!


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