Blogwise we are in Melbourne, where it’s the 2nd of May 2017.


Today, however, I’m sitting in a café in Kathmandu, working through my diaries and writing about Australia. Heading home tomorrow. Looking at my diaries, I realized that I’m two month behind in blogging. Haha. 60 % written through the trip. You may expect many more learnings. But now, a short post about three days in Melbourne.


I arrived in Melbourne and enjoyed free public transport late at night. I have never heard such a friendly tram driver voice announcing live the next stop via microphone.

The next morning started with sightseeing around the city center. Hanging around. Watching people. Producing the New Zealand #axelgoeswild video. Working on getting my Meindl hiking shoes back, …thinking. Poker in the hostel’s public bar at night. Where are my G-Unit friends? 😉


Blogging the next morning. The afternoon and evening I spent with Bregje, whom I met in New Zealand. We went to a 1st world war memorial. And to the botanical garden. Then, we headed further to the bar Section 8 and later a place called Whitehart to enjoy some delicious local tapas. Thanks, Bregje, for the local tour!

Follow me on my trip through Australia: Great Ocean Road and Grampians


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